Friday, August 1, 2008

WHeN LoVe aRRiveS In mE??

whn does true luv stays aside,
of ma life.....

loneliness tkes the plc
prolonging nite and days.

Whn True Love is nt near me,
what song do i hear?

wht means time n space?
which are thoz special days?

Whn Love remains so far
n I resemble tire,

to whom will I require?
whr will be ma desire?

Whn True Love is abide
wit whom can I comply?

Who wil respond to ma col
n hear me at all?

Whn True Love stays inside
ma soul enjoys it's truthfulness

I hear His voice reply;
my heart remains rely.

Whn True Love overflows
somthin makes ma face glows at all tyme;

Love enjoys ma free soul
lookin at de Great Goal.

When True Love states His kingdom
I recover de reason;

I retrieve ma lost smile;
I become a new life.

Whn True Love really arrives
nvr will I be abide;

I will liv in Victory
since I am seeing His Glory in me.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reasons for why Im starting a blog! *fiRst Post*

omg! i cant believe that im having a blog! i have nvr like havin a blog! my frns call me *a gal with no life* hehehheh!! i juz couldnt take it any more!! so here am i, * a gal with life now* hope ma frns r hapy now!! aint u all*ash n nini*....hehehhehe!
so, dnt worry peepz, i wil keep on updating my blog and makin my blog interestin!! cioz!!